This course is intended for those who have done or have equivalence knowledge and skills of Upper Intermediate Quranic Arabic course (Classical Arabic).  In this course students build up vocabulary and are taught to apply the basic grammatical rules to understand the meanings. For students with a good knowledge of Quranic Arabic this course offers further advancement.


At the end of this course learners should be able to:-

  • Use different dictionaries and relevant book to understand the meaning of Quran properly
  • Have basic vocabulary of Quranic words at least 300 words
  • Have a realistic understanding of Quranic terms
  • Have adequate knowledge of sciences of Arabic Grammar Morphology (Sarf & Nawr) and Rhetoric (Al-Balagha) with implementation the grammatical rules of Quranic verses (Ayaat)
  • Read and write long texts
  • Understand the meaning of the 30th part of Quran
  • Have reasonable understanding the meaning of the Quran as a whole

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