Classical Arabic ( Quranic Arabic, CA) courses:

Have you ever wished to understand the Holy Qur'an directly in Arabic without translation? Do you want you child to learn and understand the langauge of the  Holy Quran?

Classical Arabic (Quranic Ababic) is the recognized version of the Arabic language that was spoken in the Al-Hijaaz region 1500 years ago. The language is used in historical written records of the language which include pre-Islamic poetry (that was recorded in pre-Islamic times (ca. 600 AD) and since the revelation of the Quran. The main reason for preservation of this language is the revelation of the Holy Quran.

We teach classical Arabic (Quranic Arabic, CA) to give the students an opportunity to learn and understand the language of the Quran, old Islamic literature and basic structures of Classical Arabic.

Quranic Arabic Courses:

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