How To Learn Quran Online? [ Learn To Read Quran Online Quran By Skype]

Aliml Live offers 100% flexibility for for one to one online Quran learning classes that allows you to learn Quran online from the comfort of your home. Online Quran learning with live Quran teacher, is perfect for those who can not pick up and drop off their children due to their work. You or your children can learn Quran online at your home around your existing commitments. 

You can learn Quran fast and convenient way by online Quran learning  that is unique and up to 30% faster than group classes because we offer one to one online Quran lessons and your child get full time that is an average class time. By one to one online Quran learning children get fully focussed lessons and get full attention from the online Quran teacher. Your children learn Quran online with real Quran teache. No more boring CD, DVD and videos.

Book Free initial assessment(Free Trial).​ No obligation to continue after initial assessment.

  1. Book Free initial assessment(Free Trial). No obligation to continue after initial assessment.
  2. 10% discount from the 2nd student from the same family (Brother, sister, father, mother, sister or any).
  3. Facility to pay by direct debit or standing order
  4. 5% Referral Discount >>>


We are UK based organisation and have very convenient and advanced system of payments:
  • By Direct Bank Transfer- Paying Online or Bank to Bank transfer: Bank account details will be provided after starting the lessons. (No extra surcharges). 
  • Telephone Banking: You can phone your bank and you can give give our account details to your bank and they can transfer.
  • By Standing Order or by Direct Debit. (No extra surcharges). Most popular method and convenient method for U.K people is By Standing Order or by Direct Debit.
  • By Paypal: You can pay by Paypal after registration Or Sign in if you are an existing student.
  1. If you still need help, we are here. Call us now on 02079938060 or 07877747556 or Register Now.



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