Special lessons for children:-

AlimLive offers private home tuition of Arabic, Quran, Tajweed, and Urdu langauge throughout London with CRB checked male and female teachers. Teachers can visit your or you can go to the teachers to learn lessons face to face. Arabic and Quran lessons are offered online one-to-one by Skype  for children. These lessons are specially design for children according to their level and ability. Private home tuition is available for children at their home or nurseries or schools and a qualified male and female can vist you in these areas. If UK qualified and local teacher is not available in your area then alternatively, we can offer Online lessons on Skye or any video calling software. One to one online lessons are available for local students and anywhere in the world. Currently, we are offering Free Trial online lesson without any obeliigation.

Private home tuition and online lessons are the best options for those parents who can not pick and drop to their kids in fixed time due to their work and personal commitments. A CRB checked and qualified (Ijaazah holder) teacher  can teach your child according to your required timing. Please check where CRB checked teachers are available.

Following Subjects are taught:-

  • Quran Reading
  • Quran with Tajweed (Qira’at ) rules from beginning to advance
  • Adaab & Akhlaq (islamic Manners & Character)
  • Masnoon Dua (supplication) Masnoon Du'aas e.g. before going to bed, when entering the Mosque, before eating, after eating, entering homes,  travelling
  • Hifz(Quran Memorization, Last suras or the whole 30th juz of Quran(30 Paarah )
  • Aqaaid (faith)
  • Memorization of last Suras with translation
  • Memorization of prayer(Salah with practical method)
  • 6 Kalmaas/  Salah/Namaaz/Prayer/ Wudhu/ cleanliness/ Sawm(Rozah) etc
  • Islamic Studies
  • Quranic Arabic (Classical Arabic)
  • Translation of the Holy Quran
  • Hadeeth (Saying Of The Prophet PBUH)
  • Life Of The Prophet PBUH
  • Fiq
  •  Arabic (MSA for all levels and all Arabic dialects)
  • Urdu lessons and courses of all levels and ages
  • Arabic for all levels

All above subjects are taught to your child at you pace by home tutors or online tutors. We ensure that all learning activities and materials are age-appropriate for your children. We can build up your children’s confidence and help with accuracy, fluency and correct pronunciation of Arabic letters(Makhaarij). We work on child's ability to pronounce the Arabic letters accurately and later we teach Quran reading with proper Tajweed rules.

Our skilled teachers for private home tuition are fully qualified and CRB checked for teaching children and live tutors are experts at using methods for online teaching of Quran with Tajweed, Arabic, Islamic Studies or Urdu. We have designed lessons for children to keep them entertained and eager to learn.

Due to crowded classes and lack of individual concentration, students take many years to complete Quran and still they might need to redo what they have  learnt due to lake of individual attention. It might be cheaper but expensive other way round because of less consentration and less time they take in average.

One to one lessons are fast, effective, progressive and convenient to learn. Your child gets full concentration and whole hour so that it is guarantee of progress and your satisfaction.

If you are interested in Quran, Tajweed, Arabic, Islamic Studies or Urdu lessons or courses for children, either online or at your home please call on 02079938060 or 07877747556 or Register Now.

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