Quran Reading Course For Beginners:

This course is designed for beginners as a first step towards learning, reading and recitation of Quran. This Quran course for beginners is tailored to the age and level of the student.Children and adults are eligible to read Quran when they have completed their basic book towords learning Quran. At the end of this course you should be able to read Quran under the supervision of experienced teachers.

We provide courses and lessons at all levels to children and adults.

Quran Lessons London or Learn Quran online

These one to one lessons or small group Quran classes can be arranged at your home and teacher can visit you if you in these areas. Otherwise can offer online lessons on Skype and you canlearn Quran at home by Skype or using screen sharing software. We also run small group classes.Currently, we are offering Free Trial lesson for online lessons without any obligations. 


  • To read the Arabic alphabet
  • To recognise Arabic letters with their separated forms
  • To recognis Arabic letters with their joint forms (Beginning, middle  and ending forms)
  • To join letters in order to make words
  • To read, recognise and practice with exercises the short vowels' sounds (Fat,hah, Dhammah, Kasrah) with the required length
  • To read and practice the long vowels sounds in Arabic
  • To recognise and read Jazm, Shaddah, Sukoon and Tanween and  practice
  • To recognise Madd categories and read for the appropriate duration
  • Recognise the STOP and PAUSE signs in the Quran

Free Books and material for Quran Learning for beginners

We do not rcommend any special book for Quran reading for beginners course, however, we often use Ahsanul-Qawaid, Qaidah Noorania, Yessenu-Quran and other small books for begenners of Quran reading. We also provide free material and basic reading books for Quran learning. We offer free books for beginners of Quran and can be posted in the UK. If you are interested in taking Quran lessons online over Skype then we can share our material by video calling.

Free download Qurani Qaidah for beginnrs or read online


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