Our Quran translation course is designed for people who already know how to read the Quran but need help to understand its meaning. This course deals with the factual definitions and special terms of the Holy Quran. This is the main purpose of the revelation of the Quran to understand it and act up according to its guidance. 

We do not recommend books for this translation course. Every student is different and our Quran tutors choose the appropriate book after the initial assessment of the student. This course is available in London for UK students and mainly available online because we need for this course teschers who are expert in classical Arabic.


Every student is different according to the goals what they want to achieve and how they want o understand from Quran. The simple and easiest way to learn translation is to learn Quran translation from the language they are comfortable with and they have to rely on any acceptable and reliable translation of renowned Muslim scholars (Ulamaas). For beginners, this is the easiest  way to learn Quran translation.

There is another to understand the Holy Quran directly without relying on Quran translation. This is although, time taking and need struggle but it is more beneficial than learning Quran translation from translation of Quran. We have classical Arabic courses to make a student of Quran to understand the Holy Quran directly in Arabic language.


Translate the literal meanings
Word by word definitions
Basic terms
Basic Arabic grammar rules

Reading first two parts of Quran with translation

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