Offers and opportunities for learning Arabic, Urdu language and Quran with Tajweed :-

Alim Live always trying to facilitate our new students and existing students by providing them affordable lessons and courses of Arabic, Quran and Tajweed with professional and qualified teachers.

How onlinline one to one lessons work

1)- Free Quran Reading Book (Qaidah Book) Gift For Beginners:-

We are offering a FREE Special Gift of any book  for beginners of  Quran  or Arabic language. This offer is for UK based students who are interested to start from the beginning. This book is slected after the initial assessment and can be posted to your address when you start learning Arabic or learning Quran.

Arrange Free Book for Beginners  for Quran reading:

2)- 5% Discount Paying By Standing Order

3)-  Referral Discount Up to 5% for learning Quran

This offer apply to both our existing and new students or their parents. If you introduce someone about and they started taking lessons with us by your reference. We will give you 5% discount every month as far as you and other student(s) is learning Quran, Tajweed  or doing Hifz with us at the same time.

This offer is available for our existence students and for new students if they are learning Quran with Tajweed or Arabic or Urdu language online. 

To book  your first lessonregister with us  orContact Us.

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